A Message From Our President


It is an honor and a privilege to welcome you to our 2017-2018 Faculty Women’s Club Centennial Year. We are proud of the FWC programmatic focus on education, social interactions, and philanthropy, and know that these three pillars of service will remain keys to our success going forward. The Centennial goals are to “honor the past, enhance the present, and revitalize the future.” Therefore, during this Centennial Year, we will incorporate the Centennial goals into our three pillars with programs and speakers of the highest quality and with activities that will appeal to our many members. In addition, we will aim to broaden our footprint on the campus and community, and to engage a larger and more diverse number of individuals who will join us going forward. To start that effort, we encourage each of you to talk to your friends, tell them about FWC, and then “bring your friend(s)” to one of our General Meetings or to a Section meeting and let them see or better yet, feel what we do. I hope they will join us.

Our General Meetings embrace our educational focus, and this year we know that our choices of speakers will bring topics and issues forward that will impact us with new ideas and broaden our horizons. Our first General Meeting this fall, as you can see from the first page of this UPDATE, will highlight the FWC’s 2017 Woman of Distinction, Los Angeles Police Lieutenant Emada E. Tingirides. Lieutenant Tingirides will engage in conversation with our moderator, Bette Billet, and the audience, to explore issues of immediate interest to our diverse communities and their children.

While our overall mission, as stated above, is education, social interaction, and philanthropy, you could say our many varied Sections focus on our more personal activities such as “eating, playing, listening, and learning.” Prior to the introduction of our guest speaker at our forthcoming first meeting in October, the Section Chairs will introduce – or reintroduce – you to their many and varied activities in order to whet your appetite for food, music (Oh yes, there will be music at the meeting!), literature, games, and more. Since these activities will spill into 2018, our Centennial year, our newly elected Vice President of Sections, Zorana Ercegovac, will “honor the past” by showcasing some of those activities and events dating well into our history.

In November, our speaker is Christine Simmons, athlete and scholar, president and COO of the Los Angeles Sparks, and president of the UCLA Alumni Association. Following the holiday break, we will present our scholarship winners at our annual Scholarship Dinner on February 6, 2018. We are honored to have as our keynote speaker the dean of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Dr. Kelsey Martin, who is the first woman to serve as dean of the medical school. Among other topics, she will discuss the role of the medical school in the future of “precision health.” Since scholarship support is our philanthropic goal, we encourage you to donate generously to the Scholarship Fund and take great pride in the accomplishments of the students we honor during the dinner.

Hold on to your hats (OK, so we don’t wear hats and gloves to our meetings any more). We are going to have a fantastic Centennial Year!

Looking forward to getting to know you while we “eat, play, listen, and learn.”

Your FWC President for 2017-2018,
Barbara Lippe