A Message From Our President

Carol Betti
Carol Betti, 93rd President of the UCLA Faculty Women’s Club (2015-16)

Welcome to our 2016-17 FWC academic year and the 98th year of our existence as a club! As the seasons change, so might our goals, but always with our constitutionally stated purpose in mind: providing a warm and meaningful social environment for our members, while extending our reach into our Los Angeles community.
To that end, I would like to share some of the many exciting events we are planning for you this coming year: Our wonderful variety of sections—20 in all so far—are available to enhance your enjoyment and stimulate your interests every weekday and some evenings. Read on, find your pleasure, and take part in these wonderful offerings!

Our General Meetings promise interesting, provocative speakers and subjects: from scandalous Medieval women to community philanthropy in education and the arts to self-reinvention after retirement. Watch for our General Meeting announcements in each UPDATE edition.

Then, of course, we offer the very rewarding experience of supporting deserving UCLA students with FWC scholarships. So inspiring! These scholars have their whole futures before them, and we help them realize their goals.

Calling out to us is the beacon of light commemorating our 100th anniversary and that of UCLA. The FWC is actually one year older than our campus! We began on Vermont Avenue at the Los Angeles Normal School, before merging with the University of California to become the Southern Branch of the University of California, now UCLA. Interestingly, one of the first structures built on the former orchard lands of West Los Angeles recalls the beautiful Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio in Milan, Italy—Royce Hall. Perhaps few envisioned the dynamic campus of worldwide fame we would become. To celebrate this anniversary, our creative Task Force for Centennial Planning is preparing special moments for you. Actually, they started in 2012, gathering oral histories of campus and FWC figures to preserve for posterity.

With so many exciting and stimulating things being planned, please join us and encourage your friends and colleagues as well to become members and participate in our FWC activities!

Your President for 2016-17,
Carol Betti