UCLA Faculty Women’s Club: 1918 To The Present

Political Action

The UCLA Faculty Women’s Club originated as a political action group. In 1918 there were moves afoot to create a four-year college in Southern California. Focusing on women’s groups in the State, women of the faculty of the Los Angeles Normal School formed a Faculty Women’s Club in order to help garner support for the proposed four-year college.

In 1919, the Normal School became the Southern Branch of the University of California. Once the political objective was achieved, the FWC met to consider the club’s future. By the spring of 1920 the first constitution and purpose of the FWC of the Southern Branch of the University of California had been drafted.


Although the first declared purposes did not include specific mention of scholarships, the treasurer’s report for 1920-1921 includes the entry: “$30.00 for Student Loan Fund.” This fund — the first of its kind at UCLA— was the modest beginning for the FWC’s present scholarship program. The club has continued without interruption its endeavors to fulfill the founders’ hopes that the FWC would “create a broader view and deeper interest in the civic, political and social life in our community.”


To promote good fellowship for UCLA women faculty and faculty wives as well as women staff and wives of staff who are directly connected with the academic aspects of the University. To promote educational and social activities. To provide educational scholarships for UCLA students.


A new President and five officers are elected annually at the spring business meeting and take office by July 1. Between 15 and 20 additional board members are appointed by the President.


Six General Meetings with guest speakers are scheduled at the UCLA Faculty Center. Five of the meetings take place in the afternoon, but the February meeting is a dinner at which FWC Scholarship winners are honored. A Newcomers event is scheduled at the beginning of each year to welcome new faculty to the campus.


The Club sponsors special interest sections which meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Groups for activities and discussion include Birthday Club, Books, Bridge, Foreign Language Conversation (French, German, and Spanish), Playreading, and Writers.  Galleries and Sights visits museums, libraries, gardens, and historical sights in Los Angeles and its vicinity. Culinary skills can be acquired and enhanced in International Cooking, and for the athletically inclined there is Tennis.  The FWC welcomes the addition of new sections at any time to accommodate members’ interests.